Q&A with Cameron McRae, Surveyor at Banks Long & Co.

Find out how cameron joined the team. 





How did the opportunity to join Banks Long & Co come about?

Having just graduated from University I began to research potential careers. Roles within commercial property have always been something promoted throughout my learning experience so,  I was naturally something I wanted to be involved with. I approached the directors who allowed me to undertake some work experience at the company, which subsequently led to being offered a position at the firm.  

What persuaded you to join the team?

During work experience I found that the work environment was really welcoming. Banks Long & Co also offer lots of opportunities to grow as a young professional, most noticeably supporting me on my journey to become a Chartered Surveyor.

What do you enjoy most about Commercial Property Agency?

Besides the satisfaction of completing a deal, I enjoy engaging with new people on a daily basis and learning about their business.

What’s your favourite film?

My favourite film is probably Limitless, although a film I could watch on repeat is Step Brothers.

What’s something not everyone knows about you? 

I used to compete at a national level in Swimming and Triathlon.

What is your favourite thing about Lincoln?

My favourite thing about Lincoln is how busy the city always is. Whether it’s snowing on a Tuesday afternoon or a tropical Saturday lunchtime the High Street is always vibrant.

What is the most interesting property you have visited?

I’d have to say the recently refurbished units on Sincil Street. The units have been newly renovated to a really high specification and it’s amazing to see the difference it’s made to the area. 

What’s something you’re planning on doing in the next year that you’ve never done?

Having recently become really interested in golf I have planned to go on a golf holiday to Portugal later this year.

Who is your favourite sports team?

I’m a massive Chelsea fan. A goal of mine is to go to as many European stadiums as possible supporting Chelsea; since Covid I have been to Porto, Dortmund and Milan.

What is your favourite T.V show?

Game of Thrones or Power