Q&A with Quantity Surveyor, Linzi Hewitt












How did the opportunity to join Banks Long & Co come about?

After a speculative call to one of the team to learn more about their role and future opportunities that may be available, I was invited to submit my covering letter and CV. Followed up with letter, interview and offer.

What do you enjoy about the Building & Cost Consultancy Team?

The vast knowledge and experience available within the team and being within a team happy to share that knowledge. Also, the variety of projects that I am involved in and that are being delivered by the team.

What are the most important qualities of a Quantity Surveyor?

Three non-negotiables, in my opinion are:

1. Attention to detail (Meticulous)

2. Organised

3. Communicative - ability to articulate yourself in a concise & timely manner. 

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I’ve always got a project on the go at home, at present, we are converting our garage into an office and gym space, so that takes up a lot of free time. But when I do treat myself to some time off, I love getting out on my road bike or hitting the golf course for our highly competitive family league competition.

What would you say to someone moving to Lincolnshire?

1. Either buy a bike or some walking shoes – Lincolnshire is VAST and there is no shortage of places to explore!

2. Misconception – it is not as flat as you think…Steep Hill is named Steep Hill for a reason.

3. Oh, and people call each other ‘Duck!’

What is your favourite T.V Show?

I am not a huge fan of TV shows, never find the time, instead I really enjoy kicking back and listening to my vinyls, or putting on a film.

What is your favourite restaurant?

Lincoln based – I love KINE and DOUGH LOCO (Dough LoCo we found as a take-away in Lockdown and have been addicted ever since).

What do you listen to when driving?

If I am on my way home from work, it tends to be one of my sisters, chewing my ear off about life as a parent of two kids and a dog (everyday there is a story!).

If I have some peace and quiet it will generally be music playlists or podcasts like “High Performance” or “Diary of a CEO”.