Development of a Six-Screen Cinema
Savoy Cinema, Waterdale, Doncaster

The client: Savoy Cinemas Limited

Banks Long & Co Lead: Tim Bradford

The Brief: Banks Long & Co have represented Savoy Cinemas Limited, one of the most successful independent cinema chains in the UK, for over 20 years.  

The brief is to act closely with the Managing Director of Savoy in identifying new locations for state-of-the-art multi-screen cinemas. In addition to Savoy Doncaster, Banks Long & Co have advised on the successful delivery of new cinema operations in Boston, Worksop, Corby and Grantham, with a number of future projects in the pipeline.  

Banks Long & Co Solution: Banks Long & Co have been able to bring the requirements of Savoy Cinemas to the attention of all market-leading consultants, agents and other parties, including Local Authorities.

New opportunities are generated from being active within the leisure market and from maintaining consistent contact with forward-thinking Local Authorities with a regeneration agenda. By working with Doncaster Borough Council, Banks Long & Co and Savoy Cinemas negotiated an agreement to anchor the final phase of the Civic Cultural Quarter, which already boasted the landmark new office development occupied by the Borough Council and the Cast Theatre fronting onto a sympathetically designed public realm.  

The Result: The final phase comprised a 6-screen cinema extending to around 17,000 sq. ft, with additional restaurant, bar and leisure units. This was carefully designed through consultation between Banks Long & Co and Savoy to complete the enclosure of the new Square and bring a boost to the night-time economy in Doncaster.

The development delivers a major step in the regeneration of the Waterdale area of Doncaster town centre. Through careful negotiation between Banks Long & Co, the Council and the Council’s appointed advisors, it has been possible to deliver this scale of development to create a new leisure destination in the centre of Doncaster.

In order to deliver the result, it was necessary to accommodate a variety of different interests from the various stakeholders. The long term and sustainable footfall generation created by a state-of-the-art multi-screen cinema provided the catalyst for this project. The completion of the development is a testament to the collaborative and constructive approach taken by all parties in this case.