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Land at Highfield Farm, Stallingborough Road, Immingham, Lincolnshire, DN40 1SW


The site extends to approx. 0.81 hectares (2 acres) and has a frontage to Stallingborough Road with access being gained from the new spine road into the site, which is to be constructed by Beal Homes.  There will be a landscaped buffer zone between the site and the public highway.

Outline Planning Permission (Application Number DM/0728/OUT) was granted on 12 November 2020 for the development of up to 525 residential dwellings (on the site edged in blue on the aerial photo on the front of these particulars) together with an extra care facility for the elderly with up to 80 units with access to be considered. There is no affordable housing requirement within the Outline Planning Permission.

The extant planning approval describes that up to 80 units can be developed within the site. This might comprise a ‘main building’ with possibly detached ancillary accommodation linked to the main building.

The Seller does not want the main building to exceed three storeys in height and any ancillary buildings more than two storeys in height.

The position of the main facility should not be ‘imposing’ on or over any of the adjoining development area, nor the foot print be located within 10 metres of the spine road boundary.

Any car park area should be located to the rear of a new building so not visible from Stallingborough Road, or the spine road.


The available site forms part of a larger residential and convenience store development situated to the east of the B1210 Stallingborough Road, Immingham.  Stallingborough Road is situated on the south western outskirts of the town of Immingham, on the edge of the built up area.  Immediately to the north of the site is Bluestone Service Centre with the general tone of the area being residential in character.  The site benefits from easy access to the A180 motorway link road with access being gained via the A1173. There are existing and proposed bus stops at the development entrance on Stallingborough Road.

The wider Highfield Farm development site comprises a traditional housing estate proposal of up to 525 dwellings and is expected to be developed by Beal Homes, pursuant to Outline Planning Permission DM/0728/OUT.  Beal Homes are to submit a Reserved Matters Planning Application to North East Lincolnshire Council during Spring 2023.

Immingham is situated on the south-west bank of the Humber Estuary and is to the north west of Grimsby which is the principal town within North East Lincolnshire.   Immingham has a population of around 11,500 people with a wider, mainly rural, catchment area.  Neighourhood shopping facilities are available on Pelham Road and at the Kennedy Way Shopping Centre.  Major retailers in the town include Tesco, Home Bargains and Aldi.

The Port of Immingham is the UK’s largest port by tonnage handling over 40 million tonnes of cargo every year and forms an integral part of the “UK Energy Estuary” as it is a critical part of the supply chain for sustainable electricity generation.

North East Lincolnshire itself has a population of 160,000.  The region has a wide economic base including the seafood industry, food production, engineering, petrochemicals, storage and distribution and the renewables sector.

Travel distances by road from Immingham are as follows:- Grimsby 8 miles, Hull 31 miles, Leeds 74 miles, Manchester 112 miles, Birmingham 137 miles, Newcastle 157 miles and London 181 miles.

External Design & Materials

The Seller will be seeking a high-quality external appearance, using well considered design and use of materials, specifically to the principal building elevations to Stallingborough Road and the Spine Road.

All external material parts of the building, including car parking and landscaped areas will be submitted to the Seller for prior approval.

Boundary Treatments

The Property boundary treatments and landscaping along the Stallingborough Road and Spine Road frontages should mirror and compliment those being proposed by Beal Homes and the convenience foodstore opposite.

The Property boundaries along the Stallingborough Road frontage should mirror those along the Spine Road.


All public open space associated with the wider Highfield Farm scheme is to be delivered as part of the Beal Homes development.  The future management of the public open space will be undertaken by a third party to be confirmed in due course. Private landscaping and amenity areas within the Property are encouraged, however, it is not expected to form part of the wider Public Open Space or Section 106 obligation.


The freehold site is being offered for sale by private treaty.  Price on application.

The Buyer must satisfy a condition precedent to use reasonable endeavours to obtain a Satisfactory Planning Permission for the development of up to 80 apartments, which must be done by way of reserved matters planning application pursuant to the existing Outline Planning Permission, prior to November 2023, which is the date that the existing Outline Planning Permission expires. Separately Beal Homes, will submit a Reserved Matters Planning Application(s) for the proposed 525 residential units, pursuant to the extant Outline Planning Permission.

Utility Services

Beal Homes will provide the Property’s site servicing and a legal commitment to obtaining road and sewer adoptions as necessary. The various points of connection will be located within the adjoining footways or turning head into the Property. Thereafter, the Buyer will be responsible for the cost of obtaining connection with the relevant utility company.

There is a 600mm water main running through the Property, which is subject to a ‘no building’ or planting within the easement width of 4.6 metres either side of the water main. Refer to deed of grant dated 5th October 1962 for confirmation.

The existing overhead electric cable will be removed as part of Beal Home’s site servicing works.

Anti Money Laundering

Prospective purchasers will be asked to provide proof of their identity and address together with evidence of the source of funding in order to comply with the Anti Money Laundering Regulations.