Contract Administrator for Hotel Renovation
The White Hart Hotel, Bailgate, Lincoln

Client: The White Hart Hotel

Banks Long Lead: Simon Bridge

The Brief: Located in the heart of the city’s historic quarter, the White Hart Hotel offers spectacular views of Lincoln Cathedral, making it a popular setting for weddings, parties, businesses and tourists.

In 2013, Banks Long & Co acted as contract administrator on behalf of the White Hart Hotel, and were responsible for the efficient and successful renovation of its 50 luxury bedrooms and suites.

Banks Long & Co Solution: Banks Long & Co administered the comprehensive refurbishment on-site by inspecting each room, identifying necessary repair work, and assembling the specific work required for each individual space.

The renovations included redecoration, recarpeting, new window dressings, new lighting and the refurbishment of existing furniture. 

The Result: Banks Long & Co delivered the project over the course of 6 phases, with minimal disruption to hotel operations throughout. The firm worked closely with contractors, designers and the client to ensure work was completed and monitored on-site, without the need to pause or interrupt the day-to-day operations and services of the luxurious, historic hotel.


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